Sometimes, it only takes one conversation – one idea to connect a culture and unite a community. Even in a country as big as Canada, it is possible to come together as a community and celebrate our Slovenian culture and commemorate the biggest moment in Slovenian heritage – that is, the anniversary of Slovenian independence.


This year Slovenia and Slovenians around the world eagerly prepare in anticipation as 2021 marks the 30th Anniversary of Slovenian Independence. In addition to celebrating Slovenia’s 30th Anniversary of Independence, Vseslovenski kulturni odbor [VSKO] and Radio Glas kanadskih Slovencev [RGKS] are also celebrating 30th Anniversaries. 30 years is a truly notable milestone in our histories – one to be proud of and that should be celebrated.


With such notable accomplishments and anniversaries approaching the Slovenian community in Canada, we knew that it was important Slovenians and Slovenian communities across Canada be recognized and showcased to the rest of the country. Our culture and heritage – the impact and importance of Slovenians in Canada to our histories is significant, and this should be celebrated.


As part of our efforts for 2021 and our year of celebration, Vseslovenski kulturni odbor [VSKO] has created a new and exciting project – To smo mi, kanadski-Slovenci (Spotlight on Slovenians). This project aims to showcase the entire Slovenian community in Canada, primarily focusing on cultural groups and organizations along with businesses. Our goal from this initiative is to provide inspiration – to help us remember our cultural roots and to remind us of where we come from and the impact our community has had on the Slovenian culture in Canada.


By means of short video presentations, community organizations and businesses will present themselves – their histories, greatest accomplishments and important milestones, their membership, their inspiration for inception, along with anything that best showcases who the organization is. Perhaps the most important feature that these videos will focus on is cultural impact, including the impact that organizations have had on the Slovenian community in Canada, along with the impact that Slovenian culture and heritage has had – and continues to have, on our organizations and businesses. 


To date, more than 23 Canadian-Slovenian organizations in multiple Canadian provinces have confirmed their participation for “To smo mi, kanadski-Slovenci”. We continue to hope that more organizations and businesses will also join in the coming weeks. Videos will begin airing weekdays starting May 25 and end on June 24. On June 25 we will celebrate Slovenski dan (Slovenian Independence Day) with our annual flag raising at Toronto City Hall and Cultural celebration (virtually).


Join us Slovenians around the world celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Slovenian independence.

To smo mi

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